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[For Zachry O'Bailey's Dwellin]

He might spot the creature one cool and misty afternoon, walking from the big house to the yard, squelching across the damp grass littered with fallen leaves, a thing shaped like a horse, the color of a cloud at sundown. But horses aren't that color, are they? And they don't walk along clad in a slick yellow sheet, with a little red umbrella hovering over their heads, do they?

And do umbrellas hover?? And what is that poking through the critter's forehead? Is this one of Ol' Georgie's critters??

Looking for a Zachry, but if anyone wants a TwiSpark, feel free to tap the typist!
"Sophie? Sophie?" Twilight Sparkle calls out, hobbling along the hallways of the Mansion. It might be later in the day of disastrous potion making and she's ventured back into the house. She's still getting used to this whole matter of walking on two legs, thus she might zig-zag a bit, like a bird flying confusedly through a narrow passageway. Finding a chair, she puts out a hand to steady herself on it before sinking onto it; this is a first, sitting on a human chair instead of a pony-designed one. "Sophie, where are you? I got something to show you, and I don't know how long it'll last."

Possibly set in the same timeline as the human!Falkor post, or an alternate take on the same wacky disaster.

[anOTP human!Falkor] Uh-whoops...

It was a simple transformation potion, the kind she'd made dozens of times before with no trouble. But an errant tail brushing against the wrong beaker set off a chain reaction on a lakeside lab table...


Now, sprawled amongst the wreckage of her beakers and mortars and herbs and roots and other oddments, lies a small, slim girl with violet hair, blinking with surprise, the skirts of the long purple tunic that covers her askew. She starts to pick herself up, when her limbs, longer and slimmer than she's accustomed to, as well as a completely different trunk alignment, put her off balance and she falls on her face. "Oof... what on earth??" she mutters realizing that she's looking at a pair of human hands where she's accustomed to seeing hooves.

"Um. I think I'm human."

Featuring Dichen Lachmann as human!Sparky's PB.

[Fanvid] "What Would Twilight Sparkle Do?"

Warning: contains a very wacky earworm song (but I likes it!)